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Animal Communication Helping Horses

“Marjorie is soo amazing. My horse hated being touched, and after her work, she actually walked up to me today asking for a massage! Marjorie communicated to her that she was safe and could let her hair down. For the first time since I've had her (6 months), she began running and playing with the other horses! Thanks” - Nicole

Communication is Key!

Communication is Key!

Client Comments

Animal Communication Client Testimonials

Thanks to those who have taken time to write these kind words

“Marjorie has helped me so much with many of my animals-and I was a true skeptic! From an extremely fearful dog who didn't even want to step outside at night (after one session with Marjorie I got him to go out willingly) to a new adoptee who started marking inside the house (one session with Marjorie and he never did it again). She has now helped me with my sweet older boy who is suffering, probably lymphoma but we don't want to put him through the diagnostics needed to confirm, so we have made him as comfortable as possible. Marjorie's amazing connection with him let me know exactly what he was feeling and what he needed and I am now ready to help him move on.” -Kathy

“I can't say enough about Marjorie....not only do I have more insight as to where my animals are but now, with a better understanding, we can obtain clearer goals together!! I can't wait for her next visit with our horses and neither can Blaze!!” –Stephanie

“Thanks so much for your help and insight into my mare’s potential problems. Your interpretations plus the vet’s findings will help me make important decisions regarding what is best for her future.” – Lisa

“Thanks for helping me and my dog in our time of stress. He seems to be 100% again. Your wisdom, insight and experience were apparently just the ticket!” –Doug

“Thank you for your insights into Nicky and Tallee.  Their digging has stopped and they are much less stressed and more laid back!” - Val

“It is amazing to witness the transformation in an animals behavior when you communicate appropriately.” - Laura, DVM

“My cat had a biting problem that we were able to resolve after a consultation with Marjorie.” - Maria

“Marjorie helped us to determine the location of my horse’s pain.” - L.C.

“Thank you for sharing your special gift with our beloved animals. The insight you gave us confirmed a lot and will assist us going forward.” - Dawn

“You’ve turned a skeptic into a staunch advocate of animal communication and it’s benefits.” - Terri

“Marjorie provides a very detailed  picture of the animal's physical and emotional well being.”  - Jean

“You really gave us comfort during the passing of our beloved dog.” - Carol

“After our consultation my two cats made the move to our new home in Abu Dhabi with little stress and have settled in nicely” - Susan

“The ponies did a great job at the World Championships” - Tracey

“Drink Up!”

I want to thank Marjorie for another wonderful communication session with my three horses. One of my horses, Danny, wasn't drinking out of his heated bucket so far this winter and I recalled he did the same last winter. Marjorie found out he was afraid of the electromagnetic field it was creating and that's why he wouldn't drink out of it. She explained to him how important it was to drink water from the heated bucket in the winter and told him not to be afraid. She also made a few suggestions to me about re-introducing the bucket to him and guess what, he is now drinking out of his heated bucket! Thank you again Marjorie!”  



“A soldier connects with her dogs across the miles”

“I hope that everyone will take a few moments to read this,


I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for graciously donating a free communication session to me so that I could help my dogs to understand what would be happening in the coming days and weeks, and help them through the upcoming changes and very, very long flight back to the United States.

I really cannot believe that it has been almost four months since my Army unit was ordered to evacuate Egypt and I had to leave my dogs behind...I also can't believe what a believer and advocate I have become in pet communication. When I met you in person the first time a few months ago I was definitely a skeptic with a "prove it" mentality and you did :-) After that first meeting I was convinced that you were not only a remarkable person but in fact the "real deal" and I would recommend you to anyone. Your accuracy is simply amazing and extremely helpful on all levels. I am so happy to have met you and so appreciative of your assistance during this time.

You have helped ease a lot of anxiety and concerns on ALL of our behalves. Thank you so much for explaining to the dogs step by step what would be happening and helping them to understand what to expect on not only the trip, but also once they got back home and while we are temporarily living in a hotel.

I really cannot express my gratitude to you enough. I appreciate all of the time that you spent talking and explaining things with them as well as the additional time that you spent talking with me and helping me to better deal with my own anxiety and thought processes.

I am thrilled that my dogs and I will all finally be back together again soon- and although it may not be under the situation I had originally imagined I am more than content in knowing that everything will go well and the outcome will be just as great as I had ever imagined.

Thank you so much for everything and for sharing your remarkable abilities with me and my furry family through this ever changing and challenging period in our lives."

Amanda, Shawna, Bree and Flynn

Joyful update: All three of Amanda’s dogs successfully made the long trip home and are thrilled to be reunited with her.


 “Once a Skeptic”

Once a SkepticWell Marjorie, I have to congratulate you!  To turn a skeptic like me into not only a believer but a staunch advocate of animal communication takes real talent.  Your ability to communicate with my animals and produce positive behavioral results as well as help me understand life from their perspective has been nothing short of astounding!  So far you have been able to help me with:

  • Pinpointing physical discomfort in my horse from her teeth and her saddle as well as finding and understanding her lameness issues and identifying her special itchy spots that she loves for me to scratch.
  • When we moved to our new boarding facility in July of this year she was injuring herself sometimes several times a week for more than six weeks.  Since you did a communication with her and offered her a few replacement behaviors she has not had any new injuries over the last eight weeks.
  • You have helped me understand where I am confusing her by my own lack of confidence and focus which has helped the both of us advance in our training and has improved our relationship.
  • Your help with my cats has also been invaluable.

I am so looking forward to our continued collaboration in improving my understanding of the perspectives of the animals who share their lives with me.  Thank You!



“Training Success”

Marjorie, I wanted to let you know how much your coaching has helped me with my dog training skills.  The visualization techniques and calming techniques have been tremendously effective helping nervous, Levistressed and even negative owners to work with their dogs towards a better relationship and improved performance.  I’ve been able to help dogs in agility classes understand how to use a particular piece of equipment without fear, and I’ve been able to teach owner-handlers to visualize their dog’s successes rather than their failures.  There have even been some tears when loving humans learned that THEY were the problem, not the dog.  To have a hand in mending a broken relationship between a human and a pet is a rare gift.  Whenever a new class starts, I now go around the room and greet the dogs first and their owners second.  The dogs that tell me to “PLEASE take me home” are the ones whose owners now get the most attention and help in becoming more aware of how their thoughts and actions affect the dog.  It’s exciting stuff, and I really look forward to learning more from you.  You are a gifted communicator and a wonderful teacher.  Thanks much. 

Donna, Frederick, MD

The #1 UKC Berger Des Pyrenees of 2007, #2 for 2008, #3 for 2009 and #6 for 2010
UKC and International Reserve Best in Show
UKC Grand Champion, AKC, PSCA, and International Champion


Jean and Pia“Jean and Pia”

I have used Marjorie's services for over 3 years. Not only is she a talented massage therapist but provides a very detailed  picture of the animal's physical and emotional well being that were spot on when working with vets, equine dentists, chiropractors and other therapists. I highly recommend her services either when you reach that frustrated stage or before it reaches that point.

Jean G.


Bright Eyes“Bright Eyes”

We have used Marjorie for all four of our dogs on various occasions.  We were about to adopt a rescue dog from Colorado and we wanted him to understand what was about to happen.  Marjorie explained to him he was about to come to his forever home but he would have to go on a plane and ride in a car before he would get here.  She also explained he would have to live with three other dogs and two children.  Also she mentioned he would get lots of love, treats, bones and walks.  Since he was in a doggy day care he did not believe some place like that existed but told Marjorie he believed her.  

The trip went so well and he was a well behaved dog.  When he got here we were all so excited to meet him and he fit in right away.  A week later we talked to him again.  He said he did not understand why he was here because there were three dogs with white teeth, shiny fur and bright eyes and he did not have any of those.  Toby said he only had the love in his heart to give us and he did not think that was enough.  We were both in tears as Marjorie explained to him that is all we wanted from him and in return we would give him love.  Several months went by and we checked in with him again.  Finally he told Marjorie he realized he was in his forever home and wanted her to know that he was now a dog with bright eyes, shiny fur and beautiful white teeth!  I have no doubt the transition would not have happened as smoothly as it did without her help. I think we were both humbled to learn such a huge lesson from such a small animal.




On the day that Possum was born in the barn, I told him that he was mine.  I waited for 3 weeks, and then scooped up Possum and his two sisters for the long process of taming and adoption.  Possum was always stand-offish, so the handling and taming process took a lot of patience.

We made progress, but, in spite of my efforts, I could barely touch him without getting at least one new scratch.  After a year of slow, bloody, painful progress, Marjorie had a chat with my boy.  I was utterly floored to hear that Possum thought I understood him, and that he appreciated that.  He told Marjorie that he needed respect, because he actually got scared pretty easily, which is why he lashed out. 

From that point on, I told visitors that they needed to treat Possum with respect.  They could greet him if he greeted them first, but they were never to make the first effort, and they were never to pick him up.  Children were allowed to play with him ONLY with a long-handled toy.  Since that day, he has never scratched a visitor or a child, and he is often the first to greet visitors.   My friends have fallen in love with my “bad cat.”

My relationship with Possum continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  He often sleeps with me at night, and he is incredibly gentle and loving 99% of the time.  If I’m stressed and treat him roughly, then I will get scratched – but the scratches are few and far between.  More importantly, I am now picking up my beloved Possum without fear, hugging and kissing him, and our life together promises to just get better and better.  Without Marjorie’s assistance, Possum would undoubtedly have ended up being returned to the barn.  He would have had the short life of a feral cat, and I would have felt like a terrible failure.  Instead, Marjorie helped to ensure success all around!



Daisy was a feral barn cat.  After about a year in my home as a “tamed” former barn cat, I noticed that she was indiscriminately peeing outside of the box.  I had enough boxes for all the housecats, so I set up a vet visit.  The vet confirmed that Daisy had chronic cystitis, and that I would have to deal it for all of her life.  Knowing that stress was a factor in this disease, I asked Marjorie to have a chat with Daisy.

You can imagine my shock when Daisy told Marjorie that she wanted to be recognized as a unique individual, separate from her twin sister, and that she no longer wanted to be considered “one of the girls.”  Further, she said she wanted a special collar and her own litter box, and she wanted to be recognized as special in her own right.

Being skeptical by nature, I decided to play along up to a point.  Daisy had specified her favorite colors, so I bought a special collar in pink and yellow, and I bought big pink and yellow silk flowers to decorate her personalized litter box.  I even wrote “Daisy’s Box” on the litter box.  When I asked the question, Daisy responded that it was OK that other cats use her box.

I should have videotaped the moment that Daisy met her new litter box.  She behaved like a little girl with her first doll.  She hugged the box, rubbed against it, lay down in front of it, used it herself and let others use it without a problem.  I recently moved Daisy’s litter box from the corner in the front room to the cat room, and she still selects her box over the others.

Daisy and I have reached a compromise.  She takes one of her meds with her canned food, but she refuses to take the others (translation:  she avoids me like the plague if I try to give her oral meds).  She still has cystitis, but she no longer pees outside of the box, and she is much happier.  I no longer refer to her as one of the girls, but as my very special Daisy Blossum, and she gets the special attention she deserves.  She sleeps with me most nights, and she has adopted a feeding routine that ensures she eats all of the one medication.  I’ve taken additional measures to try to reduce her stress, with the result that she spends lots more time with me and, and I spend lots more time with my very special kitty.  I believe that working with Marjorie has made a very positive difference in both Daisy’s and my own life.  I simply could not have achieved such positive results without her!


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