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Notes & Highlights

Tips on how to get the most out of your consultation:

• Plan ahead

• Schedule your appointment at a time when you can be free of distractions.

• Think about the core issues that you need to address.  If you already know that you need to spend more play time with your pet, you can address that issue outside of the phone consultation

• Write yourself a brief list of key topics or concerns that you would like to cover during your session. 

During animal communication, many interesting or unexpected topics can arise.  A short list can help you stay focused on your main concerns.  Asking “Fluffy” which toy is her favorite may not be the best use of your consultation time

• Give some thought to your goal or desired outcome from the session.  It is always easier for you and your pet to achieve a clearly defined goal.

• Keep in mind that animals think in pictures, not in the English language.

The most productive questions are those that can be visualized, as if watching a video clip.  Asking, “What is your favorite toy?” (there is no visual for an unknown favorite) is a less productive question than, “do you prefer the blue ball or the frisbee?”

• Call in promptly at your scheduled appointment time.  There may not be time available to extend a session that begins late.

• If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, do so at least 24 hours in advance.

• Relax, do your best to release powerful emotions such as fear and anger. Animals are very perceptive to human emotions, strong ones can overwhelm them.

• Be in a state of mind that is open and receptive to the unexpected.  Deciding ahead of time what you will hear can cause you to miss exciting new insights.

Animals experience our world differently. Allow the animal to express its unique perception of the situation. Allow room for flexibility and compromise.  “Different” does not equal “wrong”. Ask questions.  This is your time; please ask whenever you need clarification of something discussed during the session.

• Take notes or order a recording of your session.

The human brain cannot absorb or maintain all of the details covered during a session. Often the key discoveries are found later in the tiny details. Read your notes after a day or two, you will be surprised at how much now fits into place.

• Use your new insights to develop a realistic plan of action in cooperation with your other animal care professionals.

“If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten.”  Take the responsibility and follow through to create lasting change and harmony in your human/animal partnerships.

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Animal Communication Consultations & Education


Are you ready to expand the understanding between you and your animal companion? Get started enhancing these relationships by scheduling a consultation today. Telephone consultations of varied duration are available. If this is your first experience with animal communication, or you have only one pet to communicate with, you may wish to schedule a 20 minute session. A longer session of 40 minutes will allow time to connect with 2 or more animals or to explore issues in more depth. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm EST. The information that the animals are able to provide during a session ranges from in-depth discussion of their physical well being to details about how they see their role in your life. This information helps you to resolve conflict and ease anxiety; define boundaries of behavior and improve competitive performance. Begin creating a more harmonious relationship with your pet today.

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Your payment information will be required at the time of scheduling in order to hold your appointment.  In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please provide at least 24 hours notice so that others may be accommodated.  You will be charged for your appointment if it is missed without 24 hours notice. 

We realize that LIFE happens and we will consider each circumstance individually with regard to missed appointments and their fees.
We accept Visa and MasterCard.

20 minute phone consultation - $60
40 minute phone consultation - $100
+ A digital recording of your session is available for an additional $5

A 15% discount is available for non-profit organizations such as shelters and rescues. This discount is also offered on a one-time basis to individuals adopting a rescued animal.

Gift Certificates

A consultation with an Animal Communicator makes an excellent gift for your animal loving friends and family. 

An Amazing Gift Idea!  Send an Ask Your Animals Gift Certificate:

Gift Certificates Available - An Amazing Gift Idea!• to celebrate the addition of a new family pet
• as a sympathy gift to a friend facing the loss of their beloved animal companion
• as a donation to a shelter, rescue or humane organization helping troubled pets
• for the hard-to-buy-for member of your riding club or your friends at the dog park

Gift certificates can be sent by either email or U.S. Postal Service.


Classes and workshops

We provide training for all Animal ProfessionalsWould you like to enhance your understanding of the animals in your life?

Classes are available periodically for small groups to learn the basics of telepathic animal communication.

Do you have an animal related club or group in need of a guest speaker?

Please contact Marjorie at to hear more about workshops or lectures to fit the needs of your group.

For animal professionals and their staff members i.e. vet techs, dog trainers, shelter and rescue volunteers, groomers, horse trainers, zoo personnel; there are on-site training courses available to enhance the mutual communication and understanding between animal handlers and the animals in their care.  This  understanding can significantly reduce stress for animals facing difficult circumstances. Consider animal communication as part of your practice enhancement strategy or as valuable continuing education for your staff.

Workshops available in “Practical Animal Communication

Very often, the behavior and training issues that we experience with our pets originate in misunderstanding.  Marjorie facilitates a 4-hour workshop for participants interested in improving the way they communicate with their animals.  The participants gain insight into how the world is interpreted differently by animals; how we incorrectly interpret their signals and how we can better tune-in to one another.

The class includes simple and practical techniques that you can begin practicing at home. These techniques will help your animals better understand your signals and expectations.  Students also learn to become better listeners and more clearly understand the messages their animals are trying to communicate.

Whether you are a professional animal handler (i.e.; vet tech, dog trainer, shelter or rescue volunteer, veterinarian, groomer, competitive rider) or a companion animal lover, the new skills learned will help you to improve communication between you and the animals in your care.

Better communication will aid in improving competitive performance, smoothing transitions, resolving conflict and behavior problems, easing anxiety and creating a more harmonious relationship.